Membership Application:
I hereby make application for membership in the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society for the membership year and submit the following data for your consideration.

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FEES: Includes National dues ($156) plus Chapter dues where applicable.

Province Student
Alberta $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
British Columbia $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Manitoba $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
New Brunswick $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Nova Scotia $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Prince Edward Island $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Newfoundland & Labrador $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Ontario $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Quebec $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Saskatchewan $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Nunavut $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Northwest Territories $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Yukon Territory $30.00 $156.00 $156.00
Outside Canada $30.00 $156.00 $156.00


Regular Membership
A person is eligible for Regular Membership who is active in the healthcare field in the areas described above in item 4.1.  Regular Membership entitles the member to all basic privileges and responsibilities in the Society.  Regular Members have voting privileges, and may hold office in the society.  The majority of a regular member’s day- to-day work is in a healthcare facility working for the facility or a third party.

Associate Membership
A person is eligible for Associate Membership if they provide managerial support, consulting services, products, and other such services to those involved in day-to-day delivery of health facility services and interested in the objectives of the society.  Associate Members have voting privileges and may hold a seat on the Board of Directors but may not hold Executive office in the Society.

Student Membership
A person is eligible for Student Membership who is in good standing and enrolled and in good standing in a course of study or training in a field related to healthcare which could, upon completion make them eligible for membership.  Student Members may not vote or hold office in the Society.

MEMBERSHIP YEAR: April 1 to March 31
Offline application forms should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Payment can be made by EFT or credit card.