Terms of Reference
 Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council

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Authority and Accountability: The Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council is an advisory council to the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society’s (CHES) National Executive. The Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council reports to the National Executive through a Council liaison that is voted into the position by other members of the Council.

Purpose: The Council shall:

  • Make recommendations to the CHES Executive on ways and means to improve upon Corporate/Associate Membership programs;
  • Make recommendations to the CHES Executive on measures that could be taken to improve upon corporate/associate membership awareness;
  • Make recommendations to the CHES Executive on measures that can be taken to help with the retention, sustainability, and increase of the corporate/associate membership base;
  •  Provide guidance and feedback to the CHES Executive on corporate/associate member fees;
  • Determine ways and means that the CHES Executive can offer additional, but optional, value-added services to the corporate/associate membership;
  • Determine ways in which CHES Member Educational Programs can be enhanced through the sharing of corporate associate membership knowledge; and,
  • Suggest mechanisms through which the CHES Corporate/Associate Membership program can be effectively marketed.

Membership: The Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council will consist of 7 voting members, including;

  • A Corporate Liaison to the CHES National Executive, who will be the Chair of the Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council, as voted upon by the Council members;
  • Six other Corporate/Associate Members as nominated, and voted in, by the CHES corporate/associate membership.

The CHES National President and the National Executive Director will be ex-officio, non-voting, members.

Term: Members will be elected for a two year term, for a maximum of two terms. They will be eligible for re-election after a one year hiatus. Member terms will be staggered so that half of the membership of the Council is elected every year (i.e. 4 members elected one year, and three the next). Initially seven members will be elected of which half, to be determined at the first council meeting, will have a three year term.  The election of Council members will run concurrent with the election of the CHES National Executive.

Meetings: The Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council will meet a minimum of four times per year. Meetings can be held by teleconference unless Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council members are planning to attend an event such as the CHES Annual Conference, or the OHA Health Achieve Conference, where a face to face meeting could be arranged.

Regular attendance at these meetings is considered a critical component to the success of the Council and members may attend in person or by electronic means, at the member’s option. Upon three consecutive absences without cause, the Council may at its’ discretion, require a member to resign from the Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council.

Quorum: Election of Council Members At least 2/3 of the votes received from the Corporate/Associate members eligible to vote as per the National By-Laws. Council Meetings At least fifty percent of the voting members constitute a quorum.

Vacancies: Vacancies will be filled, through a nominating process initiated by the CHES National Executive and a vote of the CHES Corporate/Associate membership on the candidates.

Staff Resources & Administrative Support

The Corporate/Associate Member Advisory Council will, from time to time, review the requirements for staff resources and administrative support from the CHES National Executive. The CHES National Executive will take the recommendations into consideration when formulating the annual budget.

Expenses: The CHES National Executive will pay costs associated with teleconference meetings. Special approval will be required from the CHES National Executive for any other type of expense:

Teleconference meetings can be arranged through the CHES National office.

Budget for Council costs will be forwarded to the CHES National Treasurer, on an annual basis, prior to the time of budget deliberation. Approved costs will be set into the CHES National budget.

Approved by the CHES Board of Directors July 3, 2013