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Webinar 1  Wednesday January 22, 2020
Topic: The Impact on Incident Energy as Switching Devices Age
Speakers:  Verma Vikrant, P.Eng.
Virginia Valitski, CETNETA, Level IV
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Webinar 2 Wednesday February 19, 2020
Topic: Move Your RFP From a Grade C to an A+ and Five Things You Can Do Today!
Speaker: Jake Smithwick, PhD, MPA
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Webinar 3  Wednesday March 25, 2020
Topic:  Isolation Room Design
Speakers:  Jessica Fullerton, MSc, CIC, Construction Lead - Infection Prevention and Control, The Ottawa Hospital; Chair, CSA Z317.13 Infection control during construction, renovation or maintenance of health care facilities
Nick Stark, PEng, CED, LEED AP, ICD.D, Vice President, H.H. Angus & Associates Limited Consulting Engineers; Chair, CSA Z317.2 Special requirements for HVAC systems in health care facilities
  This presentation will review the history of airborne isolation room design in Canada leading up to current requirements and room design criteria. The unique aspects of airborne isolation rooms (AIR), protective environment rooms (PER) and combination AIR/PER will be presented with reference to Codes and Standards. Specific requirements such as anterooms, airflow and pressure, controls, filtration and redundancy will be discussed. The role that airborne isolation rooms and associated HVAC systems play in pandemic planning and catastrophic event management will be covered. The impact of specific design elements, as well as operations and maintenance considerations in servicing and maintaining these spaces will also be presented.
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Webinar 4   Rescheduled to Wednesday July 8, 2020
Topic:  Commissioning in a Health Care Facility
Speaker:  Wayne Stokes, CET Arch, FMA, RPA
  Commissioning is the process of planning, documenting, scheduling, testing, adjusting, verifying, and training, to provide a facility that operates as a fully functional system per the Owner's Project Requirements.

Construction specifications typically would specify the Commissioning standards / procedures that are required to be followed. Unfortunately up until recently Commissioning for a Health Care Facility was no different than it was for an office building, an apartment building or a commercial establishment. This webinar will explain how the commissioning process in general works for most facilities and what the expectations of the Health Care Facility should be. The webinar will also show the differences between the Commission standard CSA Z320-11 (R2016) and the new CSA Z8001-13 Standard for Commissioning of Health Care Facilities. The webinar will focus in on the pitfalls of not doing commissioning or not paying attention to the commissioning process and as well as the benefits of doing commissioning correctly.

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Webinar 5  Wednesday May 20, 2020
Topic:  An Overview of Smoke / Fire Doors and the 2015 NBC
Speaker:  Ben Coles, MScE, MBA, PEng, PE

The presentation will provide the audience with an overview of the Model Code requirements specific to:

  • Distinctions between fire and smoke door assemblies
  • Typical locations within healthcare occupancies that require their installation
  • Existing conditions and the need for upgrading
  • The applicable Codes and Standards applicable to installation
  • Various hardware requirements, such as hold open devices, panic hardware, etc.
  • Security considerations
  • Air leakage requirements and NFPA 105, “Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives
  • The maintenance of these assemblies over the life of the building
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Webinar 6 Wednesday June 17, 2020
Topic: Optimizing Design with Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR)
Speaker: Daniel Doherty, BTech, CET, CM BIM
  Health care facilities can be extremely complicated spaces and design is very much driven by functional requirements. It is critical that the spaces are suitable for the needs of the staff providing the health services. Often it is difficult to visualize spaces from drawings let alone explore potential constraints. Even a life size mock-up is limited to one option at a time and is costly to building and modify. Leveraging augmented or virtual reality technology allows owners, designers, contractors and occupants to fully experience spaces, as well as explore many options quickly and efficiently.
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Webinar 7 Wednesday October 21, 2020
Topic: CSA Z317.13-17 Role of the Multi-Disciplinary Team:  Pros and Cons
Speaker: Wayne Stokes, CET Arch, FMA, RPA
  A common discussion topic amongst CHES members whenever there is a gathering of CHES members is the difficulty of implementing the CSA Z317.13, Infection Control during Construction or Renovation of Health Care Facilities.

Since the introduction of CSA Z317.13, Infection Control during Construction or Renovation of Health Care Facilities, there has been friction between the Infection Control Group and the Facilities Management group within Eastern Health as to how projects should be done, inspected and closed out as per the CSA Z-317.13 standard. The end result of this friction is conflict between the parties involved, delays in getting projects completed and substantial additional costs added to the projects. The one commonality between the parties was the understanding that something had to change.

For Eastern Health, that change came in the review of Eastern Health’s policy on Infection Control during construction or renovation of Eastern Health’s facilities. The policy was revised to ensure more emphasis on the use of Multi-Disciplinary teams for projects. By the time the webinar is ready to be presented (hopefully in late 2020) we will have had almost a full year to work within the new policy. The webinar will show the issues encountered, how they were resolved, what worked and what didn’t. The webinar will present lessons learned to participants.

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Webinar 8 Wednesday November 18, 2020
Topic: Awareness / Update on Med Gas Qualified Operators
Speaker: Roger Holliss
  During this webinar, we’ll be discussing and elaborating on:
  • The concept of “qualified persons” that was introduced within the current medical gas standard
  • Who are these “qualified persons” now cited within the standard
  • Who within your facility perhaps should be your designated as your medical gas “qualified operators (QO)”?
  • What is the role of a QO?
  • What are requirements to be a QO?
    • Experience-wise,
    • Responsibility-wise and
    • Educationally.
  • What  tools are available for you to pursue this designation?
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