CHES Ontario Education Tuition Grant Application Form

The Ontario Chapter of CHES assists financially in education programs that will enhance the expertise of our members and their staff within hospital engineering departments. The intent is to consider, in advance, applications for course registration at community colleges, universities and other opportunities throughout the province. Anyone working in the healthcare engineering field may apply as long as the member is in good standing and approves the application.

CHES Ontario Rick Anderson Family Bursary Application Form

The CHES Ontario Bursary, though the generosity of CHES Ontario Executive, will award $1000 scholarships to the son, daughter, or grandchild of CHES Ontario Regular or Associate member. The child or grandchild of member also has to be a full time technology student attending technology program in Ontario.

Terms: CHES ON Family Member Student Bursary Protocol

Please send Grant & Bursary applciations as attachments to CHES ON Secretary or Derek Lall (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) CHES ON Education Chair.