CHES ONTARIO 2022 Annual General Meeting

September 20, 2022  •  10:15 am ET


1.  Call to Order
2. Approval of the 2021 AGM Minutes
3. Committee Reports
  Education Committee Report - Derek Lall
  Partnerships and Advocacy Committee Report - Richard White
  Communications and Public Relations Committee Report - Larry Erwin
  Membership Committee Report - Jeff Weir
  Conference Planning Committee Report - Ron Durocher
  Secretary's Report - Beth Hall
  Treasurer's Report - Ken Paradise
  Past Chair's Report - Roger Holliss
  Vice Chair's Report - John Marshman
  Chair's Report - Jim McArthur
4. New Business
  2022 Elections - motion to approve
  Chapter By-Law Updates - motion to approve
  Introducation of new Executive and hand-over to John Marshman
5. Future Meetings
  TBD by New Executive
6. Adjournment