The fifth edition of CSA Z317.2, Special requirements for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in health care facilities, has been released by the CSA Group. This edition of the standard continues to cover all of those things that make HVAC systems in health care facilities unique. There are several areas where the standard has been updated to account for changes in the industry and the research that continues in this dynamic topic area. Some of the revisions for the 2019 edition that will be of interest to CHES members include:

• additional guidance on HCFs providing services when outdoor conditions are extreme and when indoor conditions are outside of the HVAC design ranges;
• revisions for HVAC system upgrades associated with renovations or additions;
• expansion of requirements for heating and cooling source redundancy;
• new provisions for flex ducting;
• expanded requirements for audible and visual alarms for AIRs;
• a new clause on ventilation of normally unoccupied service areas;
• clarification on placement of local heating or cooling units and water removal requirements;
• guidance on catastrophic HVAC equipment failure in alignment with catastrophic event management in CSA Z8000;
• new requirements for HEPA filter testing and performance verification;
• updated airflow direction requirements for the Operating room and Sterile core in Table 1.

CHES members can access this standard by signing in on the CHES website ( and logging onto the CSA portal where they have access to 15 commonly used health care facilities standards. If you have any specific questions on this standard, CHES members are represented on this committee by Gordon Burrill (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who is always available to answer any of your questions about this new standard.