Draft Standard C282 Emergency electrical power supply for buildings is now posted on Public Review!

Comments will be accepted until June 23, 2019.
Access the CSA Public Review site at http://publicreview.csa.ca and type "C282" into the search field.

The main changes from the previous edition are as follows:

  • clarified requirements for the components of the emergency electrical power supply system (Clause 5.1)
  • clarified the sizing of maximum site design load (Clause
  • clarified requirements for load testing to prevent potential for overloading the system (Clause 6.15.2)
  • revised to accepted fuel type for Class C health care facilities (Clause 7.3.3)
  • revised to accepted diesel fuel type (Clause 7.3.5)
  • revised fuel storage requirements to harmonize with B139 Code (Clause 7.3.8 and 7.3.9)
  • clarified requirements for dedicated fuel line for propane generators to align with natural gas requirements (Clause
  • clarified requirements for exclusive use of fuel (revised Clause 7.3.10 and new Clause 7.3.12)
  • clarified control panel requirements (Clause 7.4.1 and B.19)
  • clarified requirements for overcurrent devices and disconnecting means revised (Clause 8.7)
  • updated requirements for generator controls including multiple generator systems (Clause 8.8)
  • revised requirements for transfer switches in multiple building applications (Clause 9.1.2)
  • addition of requirements for parallel systems during operational tests (Clause 10.2.3 and B.23)
  • clarified requirements for full load test for health care facilities (Clause
  • addition of requirements for generator set management controls in paralleled systems (Clause 10.3.5 and B.24)
  • addition of requirements for load management controls in paralleled systems (Clause 10.3.6 and B.25)
  • revised testing requirements for transfer switched in health care facilities (Clause 11.4.2and Table 3)
  • revised provisions for safety indicators and shutdowns (Table 1)
  • revised battery testing requirements (Table 2 and 3)
  • revised load requirements for annual inspection to align with NFPA 70B
  • addition of infrared thermal imaging requirements for annual test (Table 5)
  • addition of explanation of problems associated with cold weather operation (B.8)
  • addition of explanation of problems associated with diesel fuels (B.12)
  • additional information on restriction on the amount of fuel that can be stored in a generator room to comply with B139 Code (B.14)
  • clarified requirements for coordination of circuit breakers (B.20)