In March of 2022, CSA Group released the 5th edition of CSA Z317.13, Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities in English. This important standard has continued its growth through the advancement of technologies and techniques that are in use throughout Canada. The French version is expected to follow later this year.

There are many changes in the 2022 edition of the standard including changes to performance leak testing requirements of both HEPA filtered vacuums and construction air handling units (CAHUs). There has been additional information added regarding planning and implementing plumbing system shutdowns in existing buildings and maintaining plumbing system quality for new construction. There are also new requirements for accessing ceiling spaces in occupied spaces when performing maintenance tasks. One area of notable change to the standard has been a complete reorganization of the clause referencing new construction which will make the many new requirements contained in this section easier to locate.


To help users become familiar with the new edition of the CSA Z317.13:22 standard, CSA Group continues to offer their training programs with an 8-hour Fundamentals course (Infection Control: Part 1 – Fundamentals of Infection Control During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities), and their 8-hour program focused on expanding and updating knowledge (Infection Control: Part 2 – Effective Implementation and Practical Application of Infection Control During Construction and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities). Both programs have been completely updated to include the requirements of the 2022 edition of the standard.

As a result of the substantive changes to clause 8 of the standard (New Construction) and vital role played by the development of an infection control plan for these types of projects, CSA Group is also introducing a more detailed 16-hour workshop intended for individuals involved with the preparation, review, and acceptance of infection control plans for new construction projects. This 3rd training workshop will help guide attendees through the process of developing the IC Plan for a significant new construction project in accordance with updated requirements of the CSA Z317.13:22 standard. The Preparing the Infection Control Plan for New Health Care Construction Projects – Using CSA Z317.13:22 training program will have its first public offering staring on June 27, 2022.

The CSA Z317.13:22 is available for purchase through CSA online store at CHES’s representative to this technical subcommittee is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he is available for any questions you may have about this important standard or the available training programs.