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Company Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Contact: Christa Brown, Marketing Manager, Chair of CHES Corporate Advisory Council
Phone: 888-712-4000
Address: 25 Watline Avenue, Unit 500
Mississauga, Ontario  L4Z 2Z1
Company Description: We're an Industrial Water Management Company, but you can think of us like a coach. A coach meets with you regularly to give you advice, to push you, and to help you achieve your goals. Using proven technologies and a bold service approach, we’re your partner in improving water-use integrity. Our service programs represent the Least Cost Operating Solution by substantially reducing energy, water and chemical costs, while mitigating risks to protect people, the environment, and mission-critical equipment.

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Website: www.klenzoid.com
Detailed Description: At Klenzoid, we believe that Water Treatment shouldn’t be a black box. Therefore, we’ve asked our knowledgeable and passionate engineers to initiate discussions about water related topics on a monthly basis. Never miss out on our content by subscribing or message us to suggest water related topics you would like to learn more about. Click here to view our latest posts.