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Medical Gas Innovations

Contact: Darcy Belbin
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 780-945-6555
Address: Edmonton Canada
Company Description: MGI offers a way to connect medical gas lines without purging or brazing, is permanent and Tamper proof. This technology has been approved by CSA Z7396.1 for use within medical gas piping systems.
Detailed Description: Advantages of (ESP) Fittings The benefits of (ESP) Medical Gas Fittings and Training are unmatched when compared to the typical procedure. A short training course is all that is required for contractors with CAN/CSA Medical Gas Piping Installer Certification. The (ESP) Technology has been used by the Marine, Biotech, Automotive, Power Generation, Chemical Processing and Railroad industries worldwide since 1989. 
. ZERO danger of melting, heating or burning of ambient materials in the area (such as adjacent wiring, other medical gas lines and pneumatic lines)
. ZERO nitrogen purge required
. ZERO copper oxide formation
. ZERO brazing necessary
. ZERO burn permits needed
. ZERO fire brigade standby necessary
. ZERO shutdown of smoke or fire sensors in the area
. ZERO cooling of brazed joints * immediate usage following leak test . Minimal patient disruption .
Special configurations may be available.