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41st Annual Conference of the
Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society

Enriching Patient Experiences by Optimizing the Environment

October 17 - 19, 2021
Halifax Convention Centre
Halifax NS


Deadline for submission:  November 30, 2020

Speaker abstracts are now being accepted for the 2021 CHES National Conference. This national conference attracts leaders from across Canada and around the world in the field of healthcare facilities engineering, operations and maintenance. This year, the CHES 2021 conference theme is "Enriching Patient Experiences by Optimizing the Environment".
CHES members play a key role in ensuring quality in our healthcare system which can have a direct impact on the patient experience. From patient experience to infection control, what happens in the engineering, design and maintenance of our healthcare facilities has a profound impact on how every individual perceives their experience in those buildings. We are seeking leaders from Canada and beyond to inspire, demonstrate, educate and share with CHES members the stories, tips, trials, methods and solutions to help us to improve building occupant experience now and in the future.

CHES members are recognized as key players in shaping the environment within which healthcare is provided. CHES members can be the key drivers to implement environmental solutions to eliminate disease transmission and improve patient safety. The CHES 2021 education program aims to give our members the knowledge and expertise critical for success. Other topics of interest include the impact of engineering, design and maintenance on other patient health outcomes as well as the patient’s experience within our healthcare facilities in addition to ensuring the continued operations under the multitude of pressures facing CHES members and the expectation of the ability to deliver health care with aging infrastructure, increasing environmental demands from climate change and natural disasters.

Accepted speakers will be notified by February 2021 Bios and abstracts will be required at this time. Speakers are requested to electronically submit their complete PowerPoint presentations by August 15, 2021. Speakers shall agree to provide CHES with a signed release for video and future use of the presentation.

A special note to our friends who submitted abstracts for the 2020 National Conference (Cancelled due to COVID-19): Please update and resubmit your abstract for consideration for the 2021 conference.

You may submit your completed form at:

Inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We look forward to seeing you in Halifax, Nova Scotia!
Robert Barss
Chair, CHES 2021 National Conference

Gordon Burrill
Chair, CHES 2021 Program Committee