Terms of Reference
CHES Governance Team

Purpose: The purpose of the CHES Governance team is to develop policies and procedures and protocols and standards to support the strategic planning and growth of CHES. The Governance team will develop recommendations to the Board. The team will ensure all chapters have opportunity for input into the process.

Meetings: Meetings of this committee will be held by teleconference bi-monthly or at the discretion of the chair. A face to face meeting will be held at the annual National Conference when approved in advance by the National Board of Directors. The Executive Director will record minutes of each meeting. Minutes shall clearly identify decisions made, recommendations to the National CHES Board of Directors, items requiring further action and persons responsible for follow-up action.

Membership: Due to the uniqueness of each chapter and province and the importance of getting the proper perspective, the committee will be comprised of the Chapter Chair of each chapter as well as the Executive Director, and President of CHES. The President will chair the team. The team will be directly accountable to the National Board through the Executive Liaison (President). Membership will be:

- Chair from each Chapter
- Executive Director
- President (Executive Liaison)

• Develop and maintain the administrative policies and procedures1 for the Society
• Develop protocols and standards to guide the Society
• Review and assess the Society structure
• Advocate for Canadian Healthcare Engineering.

1 It was decided that policies and procedures were written statements to provide direction. Protocols
and standards are strategies to take the society forward.

Approved by the CHES Board of Directors March 24, 2009